Recycle with Us


CP Profit Sharing

Our unique Profit Sharing program allows you to recycle items such as pallets, cardboard, metal, paper, and plastic all on one convenient recycling trailer.  Don't tie up valuable dock space or spend time coordinating multiple vendors, Carhart Products can handle it all.


Maximize Plastic Value

With our in house processing capabilities including Sorting, Baling, Grinding, Shredding, and Pelletizing we can maximize the value of your plastic waste stream.


Service First

We pride ourselves as a service first company.  Quick turn arounds on trailers, and a helpful friendly staff, will make your recycling experience easy.

It's FREE and EASY

Interested in having a Carhart Products representative review your current recycling program, request your appointment today and we will visit your location and provide a free quote of service options available.

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